Deleting Emails in WebMail

Deleting emails in WebMail is done by moving them to the basket. Settings can be found under "Settings → Settings → Server settings":


Messages in the trash or marked for deletion also take up disk space until they are permanently deleted.

Server settings are divided into "Main settings" and "Service":

  • "Main settings":
    • "Mark as read on deletion" — when deleted, the message will be marked as read.
    • "Mark for deletion instead of deletion" — an outdated way to delete letters. Messages will still be in the folder where they were marked for deletion, but they will be completely deleted only when this folder is compressed or cleaned. Attention! Deprecated parameter.
    • "Don't show deleted messages" — the parameter is responsible for hiding messages that have been marked for deletion.
    • "Delete messages if you can't put them in the trash" — if it is impossible to place letters in the basket, they will be deleted bypassing the basket.
    • "Delete messages from the SPAM folder bypassing the Trash" — letters deleted in the folder "SPAM" will be deleted bypassing the recycle bin. This parameter is convenient for situations when there are no necessary or important messages in spam and it is not rational to place them in the trash.
  • "Service":
    • "Empty trash on exit" — when you exit WebMail, the messages in the trash will be deleted.
    • "Compress Inbox on exit" — when exiting WebMail, the messages in the folder "Incoming"will be compressed, and emails that have been marked for deletion will be deleted.

To empty the basket, go to the section "Mail" and then into the folder "Basket": In folder "Basket" click on the gear at the bottom of the page and on the button "Toempty": After these steps, the basket will be completely emptied.