Webmail Design

Important points:

  • The domain for which the design is configured must be served on our NS.
  • Design customization is not available for WebMail.Online.

WebMail classic you can host on your domain and personalize its interface:

  • Add a logo.
  • Provide a link to your own customer support.
  • Configure the ability for users to change their mailbox password on their own.

The setting is performed in the section "HostingWebMail design".

  1. Select a domain from the list:
  2. Fill out the form and click "Save":
    • "Subdomain" — the name of the subdomain on which WebMail should be available (for example, webmail).
    • "Display name" — the name of the company, which will be displayed on the login page of WebMail (if not specified, it will be displayed as "adm.tools webmail").
    • "Link to technical support" - link to the technical support page (if not specified, the link will lead to our address).
    • "Light logo link" and "Link to dark logo" - links to logo images (if not specified, the standard logo of our control panel will be displayed).
    • "Allow users to change their mailbox passwords" - displaying a link on the WebMail login page, by which the user can change the password of the mailbox, if he knows the current one. If this option is disabled, it will be possible to change the password only through mailbox settings, and when you try to change the password to change password page an error will be displayed that the password change is blocked by the administrator.
  3. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 24).
  4. Check the availability of WebMail at the specified subdomain address.

Changing the settings is the same inclusion... It is enough to edit the data in the fields and save the changes.

  1. Select a domain from the list:
  2. Click "Delete":