Setting filters in WebMail


Filters only process mail that comes in after they are created. Messages that were already in the mailbox when filters were created are not affected.

In WebMail, you can create filters for mail that arrives in a mailbox. With their help, you can set actions that will be performed under certain conditions. For example, you can make letters from certain senders or with certain text in the subject or body of the message automatically forwarded to another mailbox, moved to a specific folder, or deleted.

  1. Go to settings WebMail:
  2. Open the section "Filters → roundcube" and click the add filter button:
  3. Specify the name of the filter, conditions and actions to be performed if the specified conditions are met:
  4. Save the changes and test the filter by simulating the conditions under which it should be triggered.

If necessary, the created filters can subsequently be edited, disabled or deleted at any time.