Search for emails in WebMail

Within the framework of WebMail organized full-text indexed search of letters, thanks to which the search is much faster and more pleasant.

The placement of the search in the interface depends on the selected theme. In the following topics, the search is placed directly in the list of letters: "Droid+", "Elastic", "GMail+", "Outlook+"... The checked parameter opens additional search settings:In other topics, the search is located in the upper right corner of the window, and the marked button opens additional search settings:

In the search parameters, you can set more flexible settings, which will allow you to search only according to certain criteria:

  • "Theme" — search by the subject of the letter (by the content of the header Subject).
  • "From" — search by sender (by header content From).
  • "Towhom" — search by recipient (by header content To).
  • "Copy" — search by recipients specified as copies (by the content of the header Cc).
  • "Hidden" — search by hidden recipients (by header content Bcc).
  • "Body of the letter" — search by the contents of the letter itself.
  • "All message" — search for all available criteria at once.
  • "Type" — the state of the letter. As a type, you can select:
    • Unread.
    • Marked.
    • Unanswered.
    • Deleted.
    • Not deleted.
    • With attachment.
    • A priority:
      • Supreme.
      • High.
      • Normal.
      • Short.
      • Lower.
  • "Date" — the period of receipt of the letter. You can specify "less than a week", "less than a year", "More than a month" etc.
  • "Region" — selection of the folder in which the search will be performed.