Disappearance of letters from the mailbox


From the hosting side, letters from mailboxes are not deleted.

The most common reason for the disappearance of mail from the mailbox is the connection of the mail client to this mailbox via the POP3 protocol, which, after downloading the mail, completely or partially deletes it from the server. You can check for POP3 connections in log of authorizations in the mailbox.

If since the disappearance of the letters has passed less than 1.5-2 hours, there is some chance to restore the contents of the mailbox from backup... In this case, you must immediately contact technical support, preliminary loggedin, and inform the name of the mailbox in which the letters disappeared, so that administrators can check the possibility of mail recovery.

If more time has passed since the disappearance of the mail, unfortunately it is impossible to restore it by means of hosting. In this case, the missing letters should be searched in mail clients in which a connection to a mailbox is configured.

To prevent the problem from recurring, you should:

  • Or, configure your email client to use IMAP instead of POP3.
  • Or configure the mail client so that it saves letters on the server after downloading them via the POP3 protocol (instructions for setting up can be found in the official documentation for a specific mail client or in open sources on the Internet).