Error "450 4.7.1 Error: too many recipients from IP"

The error can be caused by an attempt to send more than 60 emails per minute or emails with more than 60 concurrent recipients (copies and blind carbon copies are also counted).

If more than 60 letters were sent per minute, you should configure the sending of mail so that this limit is not exceeded.

If an error occurs when trying to send a message with a large number of recipients, you must reduce the number of recipients so that it does not exceed 60 and try sending again. To send individual emails to more than 60 concurrent recipients, you can use WebMail.

When trying to send a letter with a large number of recipients through an email client, situations may arise when, after an attempt to send and an error occurs, the letter is saved in this email client in the sending queue (for example, in the folder "Outgoing") and the mail client periodically tries to send it again, which leads to the regular repetition of the error. In this case, you need to find a mail client that works from the IP mentioned in the error text, where this letter was saved, and either remove it from the sending queue, or reduce the number of recipients in it.

If many mail clients from the same IP connect to the mailboxes and it is difficult to determine the required mail client, you can change mailbox password... This will disconnect all active connections and disconnect all mail clients from the mailbox. Attention! After this operation, you will need to manually specify a new password in all required mail clients.

Unfortunately no. Our server records only the external IP address of the sender. It is technically impossible from our side to record who exactly the attempts to send are performed by.

You can use WebMail.

Alas, this is impossible, since the limits are not set for specific mailboxes or hosting accounts, but for the mail service as a whole.