Mail sending limits


  • Only letters sent from our hosting to third-party mail services are taken into account. Letters sent within our hosting are not counted in these limits.
  • For hosting accounts during the trial period, both limits are equal 100.

Standard daily limits for sending mail are:

  • 500 letters to be sent from the web server without authorization (for example, using the function mail, sendmail, as well as messages sent to third-party mail services as a result of redirection or copying using filters WebMail).
  • 500 letters to send with authorization via SMTP (for example, via WebMail or other mail clients).

Information on current limits can be found in the section "Mailboxes" in the block "Outgoing mail limits":

Limits can be manually increased up to 5000 for a day.

The button for temporarily increasing the limits is available only under the following conditions:

  • More than a month has passed since ordering a hosting account.
  • Last check of the hosting account by our antivirus did not detect the presence of malicious code.
  • At least a day has passed since the previous maximum increase in the limit (the limits are valid for 24 hours from the moment of the first increase).
  1. In chapter "Mailboxes" in the block "Outgoing mail limits" click "Temporarily increase limits":
  2. Use the slider to set the desired limit value and click "Increase limits":
  3. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the changes to take effect.
Limits can be increased to 1000 permanently.

The button for increasing limits on a permanent basis is only available under the following conditions:

  • More than a month has passed since the order (first payment for the service) of the hosting account.
  • Emails sent over 90% of the current daily limit.
  • Not included temporary increase.
  1. At the top of the section "Mailboxes" click "Take the opportunity to increase your limits" (the button is displayed only if the above conditions are met):
  2. Confirm the operation:

Sending letters from hosting mail servers in excess of the limit is impossible. If you need to send more emails than the hosting limits allow, you should consider using:


  • Regardless of what limit is set in the mailbox settings, it will be impossible to send more letters than the current one allows. hosting account limit.
  • When the mailbox reaches its limit, an error will occur "5.7.1 Sender mailbox daily limit exceeded".

The limit for a specific mailbox is set in its settings in field "Outgoing limit":

  • Value zero means that a separate limit is not applied to the box.
  • Any value above zero limits the number of letters that can be sent from this mailbox per day.

The limit for all mailboxes of the hosting account at once is set in the section "Mailboxes" button "Change mailbox limits" in the block "Outgoing mail limits":

  • Value zero removes individual limits for each of the boxes.
  • Any value above zero sets the specified limit for each of the boxes.