Mailbox connection log

Important points:

  • Information gets into the log not instantly, but within a few minutes.
  • When working with a mailbox using WebMail the log may contain entries with hosting IP addresses.

The connection log displays information about when, from what IP addresses, by what protocols, and with what success connections were made to the mailbox over the past 3 days. The log is in the section "HostingMailboxes", to view it you need to click "Look" in a collumn "Connection log":

Calendar. Designed to select the day for which the log will be displayed. On the calendar:

  • Lightgreen the days for which logs are available are marked.
  • Darkgreen marked the day for which the log is displayed.
  • Red frame the current date is marked.

Time filter. Allows you to view the log not for the whole day, but for the selected time period.

Search. Allows you to filter log entries by IP address.

Button "Download" downloads the log for the date selected in the calendar.

  • "Time" - date and time of attempts to log in to the mailbox.
  • "IP" — The IP address from which the authorization attempt was made. Clicking on it substitutes it into the filter.
  • "Protocol" - the protocol used to connect (IMAP, POP3, or SMTP).
  • "Method" - authentication method. Marked in red deprecated methods.
  • "SSL" - shows whether a secure connection was used or not.
  • "Login" - shows whether the authorization was successful or not.