Mail log from web server

In the mail log from the web server, you can find information about when and from which hosting account attempts were made to send letters without authorization (using the function mail or sendmail), including those where the actual send failed and the emails were saved to a file dead.letter. The log is in the section "HostingMail from site».

Time filter. Allows you to view the log not for the whole day, but for the selected time period.

Search. Allows you to filter requests by the presence of certain text in them.

Button "Download" downloads the log for the current day.

Important points:

  • Entries appear in the log immediately after sending letters.
  • To the log misses information about letters that:
    • Sent using filters WebMail.
    • Sent with authorization (via SMTP).

  • "Time" - time of the attempt to send the letter.
  • "Server" - the web server hosting the hosting account.
  • "Sender" — hosting account name or the name of the mailbox specified in outgoing mail settings.
  • "The size" — message size in bytes (includes the recipient's address, message subject and content).