Log of rejected emails

The bounced email log displays information about the emails that were sent to your mailboxes, but were rejected by the mail filter (for example, due to the presence of the sender in blacklisted). The log is in the section "HostingRejected emails».

Calendar. Designed to select the day for which the log will be displayed. On the calendar:

  • Lightgreen the days for which logs are available are marked.
  • Darkgreen marked the day for which the log is displayed.
  • Red frame the current date is marked.

Time filter. Allows you to view the log not for the whole day, but for the selected time period.

Search. Allows you to filter entries in the log by the presence of certain text in them.

Button "Download" downloads the log in JSON format for the date selected in the calendar.

Letters get to a broad gull right after rejection.

  • "Time" - the time when the letter was received by our mail server.
  • "Sender server" — the name of the sender's server and its IP address. Clicking on it adds it to White list.
  • "Sender" - information about the sender.
  • "Recipient" - address mailboxto whom the letter was addressed.
  • "Spam rating" - spam rating of the letter.
  • "Rejection reason" - the reason the letter was rejected.
  • "Download" - downloading a letter in eml format.
  • "Deliver" — forced delivery of the letter to the mailbox.