Log of rejected emails

In the log of rejected emails, you can find information about those sent to your mailboxes messages that were rejected by the mail filter (for example, the sender was added to black list). The data is updated in real time.

To view the log, open the section "Hosting → Rejected emails":

The log looks like this:

  • "Time" - the date and time of receipt of the letter by our mail server.
  • "Sender server" - the name of the sender's server and its IP address. By clicking on it, you can add it to White list.
  • "Sender" - information about the sender.
  • "Recipient" - address mailboxto whom the letter was addressed.
  • "Spam rating" - spam rating of the letter.
  • "Rejection reason" - the reason the letter was rejected.
  • "Download" - button to download the letter in standard format eml.
  • "Deliver" - button for forced delivery of a letter to a mailbox.

Use the search box at the bottom of the log to filter records.

To download the log for the selected day in JSON format, click the gray button in the upper right corner of the log: