Log of unsent messages

In the log of unsent letters, you can find information about letters that were not sent due to what was reached sending limit... This log allows you to determine to whom the letters have not been delivered, to find the source of spam distribution and simplifies the solution of other tasks related to mailing.

To view the log, open the section "Hosting → Unsent letters":

The log looks like this:

  • "Time" — the date and time of an attempt to send a letter by our mail server.
  • "Sender server" — the name of the server from which the sending was performed.
  • "Sender" — information about the sender.
  • "Recipient" — the address of the mailbox to which the letter was addressed.
  • "Rejection reason" — the reason the email was not sent.
  • "Download" — button to download the letter in standard format eml.