2.24.12. How to avoid spam emails

To increase the level of confidence in the emails you send and reduce the risk of them getting into spam:

If you are sending mail from a VPS or a dedicated server, you need to register a PTR record for the server IP address. It should point to the domain, which in turn will be resolved to the same IP address.

If the letters sent to you on our hosted mailboxend up in spam, for your part, you can try to take the following measures:

  • Check if the sender has been added to black list... If it is there, remove it from there. Also add it to White list.
  • Check in your box filters in WebMail and make sure there are no filters there that can move emails to spam. If there are any, reconfigure them, disable or remove them.
  • Also letters can move to spam with one of the mail clients or servicesconnected to your box. In this situation, it is worth checking authorization log In the box. If you identify the problem mail client difficult, you can try Change password from the box. This will disconnect the previously connected mail clients from it. Then you can observe the situation for a while using only WebMail... If the problem goes away, then that was the reason. After that, if necessary, you can try to identify the problem client by alternately specifying a new password in the email clients used and monitoring the situation. In case services like myMail, you may need to manually disable the mailbox directly in these services.
  • Downgrade antispam level in your mailbox settings.