2.24.9. Correct sending mail from the site

There are three methods to send mail from a hosting site:

  • Using the function mail.
  • With sendmail
  • By SMTP with authorization.
  1. When sending mail, the mailbox should be specified as the sender, created on hosting (you can choose any of the section "Mailboxes").
  2. The mail function works even without specifying a header From, but if you specify it, stick to the previous point.
  1. Hosting sendmail path - /usr/sbin/sendmail.
  2. In field "Sender address" (From) indicate the mailbox that is on the hosting, or do not indicate it at all.
  1. Create mailbox.
  2. In the settings for sending mail on the site, use connection data to the created mailbox:
    • Login and sender's address - full name of the created mailbox.
    • Password — password for the created mailbox.
    • SMTPServer — mail.adm.tools.
    • Port25.
    • Encryption — No.
    • Use SMTP AuthenticationYes or if there is a choice, then login or plain.