2.24.19. Domain mail on third-party services

The ability to use our mail server to host mailboxes domain and work with them is available only if there is ordered hosting services.

In situations where it is necessary to organize the work of mail without ordering a hosting service (for example, if the site is hosted by another company, VPS or a dedicated server where it is not possible to set up your own mail), you can use the services of specialized services. The services of such services can be both paid (G Suite) and free (Zoho Mail).

At the initial stage of setting up third-party email services on our part, you may only need to change some domain settings... All subsequent actions are performed on the side of the selected service — this refers to the operations of creating and managing mailboxes. The same service will provide its own web interface for working with letters and data for connecting to created mailboxes using mail clients.

Examples of instructions for setting up a domain to work with third-party mail services: