Mail export

Letters from mailbox can be exported in two formats − mbox and Maildir.


  • You can mail in mbox format import back to the mailbox.
  • You can use a free and open source program to view the contents of mbox files. Simple MBox Viewer (Windows) or its equivalents.

When exported in this format, the contents of each folder are saved as a text file, where the letters are stored as text one after the other (the data of each letter in the file starts with the text From and end with an empty string). This format saves emails from your Gmail inbox when you export data using Google Takeout.

When exported in this format, the contents of each folder are saved as a separate directory with subdirectories tmp (in the process of delivery), new (unread) and cur (read), in which each letter is stored in a separate file with a unique name. This format is supported by various mail servers, delivery agents, and some mail clients and mail programs.

Important points:

  • For each mailbox, export in each of formats can be performed no more than once a day.
  • Each archive stored 7 days from the time of the request, after which automatically deleted.
  • Deleting a mailbox does not affect for the duration of the archive.
  1. Open the section "Mailboxes".
  2. Click "Mail export" opposite the mailbox where you want to import letters:
  3. Pleaseselect format and press "Export mail":
  4. Wait for the operation to complete mail and in Telegram will be notified).
  5. Download the archive in the block "Active mailbox export requests":

You can export the contents of mailboxes manually using specialized applications, such as MailStore Home.

If the goal is to transfer letters from mailboxes hosted by us to mailboxes of another mail service, then it is worth clarifying in the documentation or support of this service the availability of an automatic import function, similar to our, or transfer letters using specialized applications, such as the console imapsync or its online version imapsync online.

Also, the transfer can be performed using any of the mail clients. An example of transferring letters between mailboxes using Thunderbird is described here.