Server responses

Information on the number of response codes for requests addressed to a specific site can be found in the section "HostingMy sites → Server responses":


The statistical information displayed in this section is stored for the last 5 days... To get information for a longer time, use server logs, having processed them yourself, you can get the necessary statistics.

The top block displays a filter. In the fields "Date" and "Time" you can specify the date and time for which statistics are needed, and then click "Search":

The bottom block displays the statistics themselves in the form of a table:

  • "Code" — the code of the response from the server (status code) to the request to the site. Only the posted responses for the selected date are displayed.
  • "Answer" — the original response of the web server and its description.
  • "Description" — description of the response code. Mostly translated from the original description.
  • "Response rate" — the number of response codes found for the selected period.