URL load


Statistics collection is started manually and automatically turns off after 3 days.

Information about the number of requests to certain URLs is in the section "HostingMy sites → Load by URL":

Statistics collection is disabled by default. It is manually started and automatically shuts down after 3 days. To start collecting statistics, click "Enable":

When statistics are collected, it will be possible to select a date, filter information by hour, or disable further statistics collection:

The statistics display information about all the URLs to which there were requests, and the number of these requests:

  • "URL" — The URL to which requests were made. On the right is a button that allows you to configure protection from bots for the given URL.
  • "Number of queries" — the number of requests to the specified URL.
  • "CPU, %" — The time taken by the web server to fully process HTTP requests to the specified URL. Request processing includes not only the use of the processor, but also writing and reading data from disk, accessing third—party resources, working with databases, processing scripts, etc. Attention! The values in this column are not a measure of CPU minutes used.