2.3.23. PHP mail log

PHP mail logs are in the section "HostingMy sites → PHP mail log":

Important points:

  • Only sending emails using the PHP function are saved in the logs mail.
  • The log displays only successful calls to the function without errors. If an error occurs when calling the function, this information will be displayed in PHP error log.
  • Logs are stored for only one day, it is not possible to view logs for previous days.
  • The log contains only information about the script within which the sending was made, and additional headers, the text of the letter cannot be obtained.
  • It is impossible to download letters that correspond to the entries in the log.

In the PHP mail log, each attempt to send an email is displayed on a separate line:

  • "Recording " — each entry in the log is not divided into separate columns or parameters and is displayed in one line, but it can be conditionally parsed for convenience:
    • DD-Mes-YYYY — date of entry in the log. Indicated in English in the format "DaymonthYear".
    • HH:MM:SS — time of recording in the log. Specified in the format "hour:minute:second".
    • TimeZone — time zone, which corresponds to the entry from the log. Indicated in English. For a server in Ukraine, the value will be indicated as "Europe/Kiev".
    • mail() on [/home/example/example.com/www/script.php:XX] — the path to the file /home/example/example.com/www/script.php and line number :ХХwhere an attempt was noticed to send a letter using the PHP mail function.
    • To: admin@example.com — the recipient's mailbox, which was specified in the header TO.
    • Headers: — additional headers specified when sending the letter.
    • Subject: — the subject of the letter to be sent.

To download the log for the selected day, click "Download" at the top of the log: