2.3.25. Screenshots of the main page of the site


  • At the moment of creating a screenshot, the main page of the site is accessed, therefore, in access logs there may be requests with User-Agent adm.tools screenshot tools.
  • Screenshot is not created if the site does not respond to requests or when accessing it returns a response 4xx or 5xx.
  • The request to update the screenshot is not executed immediately, but is queued, so the update may occur with some delay.
  • The screenshot is displayed only in the control panel and is not available to other users.
  • All existing screenshots are displayed in the control panel.

For each added site in the section "My sites" a screenshot of its main page is displayed (if the site is available for the screenshot system). Screenshots are created automatically at intervals of about a week. Each screenshot is stored for no more than 5 weeks. If a screenshot has not yet been created for the site or the system cannot create one, then a standard image with a camera icon will be displayed instead of a screenshot.

The following options are available in the screenshot management interface:

  • Screenshot of the mobile or standard view of the site.
  • View screenshots for other dates.
  • Removing a screenshot from the system.
  • Creation of a request to update the screenshot.