Outgoing mail

The setting determines which mailbox will appear in the field "From" in letters sent from the site using the function mailwhen the sender is not explicitly specified by the script itself.

  1. If the section "Mailboxes" no crates created, create new.
  2. Openup site settings.
  3. Against "Outgoing mail" select one of the mailboxes created on the hosting:
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Wait approximately 15-30 minutes for the changes to take effect.

If the site script that sends using the mail function does not explicitly specify the sender's mailbox (does not add a header "From") and in the field "Outgoing mail" no mailbox is selected, then in the field "From" the address will be substituted account mail... This could be the cause of delivery problems. V mail log from the web server in column "from" at the same time will appear hosting account name.

When in the field "Outgoing mail" selected real mailbox, it will be substituted into the field "From" and displayed in mail log from the web server in column "from" insteadof hosting account name.


If after specifying the mailbox you have problems calling the PHP mail function, see this information.