2.3.4. Subdomain adding

  1. Open the section "My sites".
  2. Clickon "Add subdomain" in the block of the desired site:
  3. Specify the name of the subdomain, select the site you want and click "Add":
  4. Wait a few minutes for the virtual host to be created and root directory subdomains.


  • In one hosting account, a maximum of 999 subdomains can be created for all sites. Www subdomains are not counted in this amount.
  • The underscore character cannot be used in the subdomain name. _... Such characters will be automatically changed to a hyphen.
  • At adding a site or subdomain by default, it will have the same PHP version as specified in PHP settings the last site or subdomain added to this hosting account, if the first site is added — the last one added under other hosting accounts of the current account. Further version can be change to any other.