Searching database content with phpMyAdmin

  1. Signin in phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select a database from the list on the left:
  3. Fill out the search form and click "Forward":
    • In field "Search words or meanings" indicate what you want to find.
    • In the block "Search" select search method:
      • "any of the words" — strings containing any of the specified words will be found.
      • "all words" — lines containing all specified words will be found.
      • "exact match as substring" — lines containing the specified fragment will be found.
      • "exact match as whole field" — construction sites with fields equal to the specified fragment will be found.
      • "regular expression" — search based regular expressions, allowing you to set more complex rules.
    • In the block "In tables" mark the tables you want to search for, or click "Choose all"if you want to search the entire database.
  4. The search results will display a list of tables by which the search was performed, and the number of rows found in each of them:
    • Button "Show search parameters" you can expand the form from the previous step and change the search parameters.
    • Using the button "Overview" you can view and edit the found lines.
    • Button "Delete" removes found rows from the table.