2.7.12. MySQL server load

Information about the load on the MySQL server is in the section "Hosting → Mysql server load":

The top block displays the top users who load the MySQL server over the last 24 hours:

  • "Date" — selection of the date for which statistics will be displayed.
  • "User " - database user. You can see which databases the user is attached to in the section "Databases".
  • "Load" — opening additional information on the load created by the user.
  • "CPU time, minutes" - the amount spent cpu minutes.
  • "Transferred " - the size of the data sent to the database server.
  • "Accepted " — the size of the received data from the database server.
  • "SELECT queries", "UPDATE queries", "Other queries" — the number of requests sent to the database server by the user.

The middle block displays diagrams with processor minutes and traffic for the last month:

The bottom block displays a chart with the number of requests to the database and their types for the last month: