What to do if you receive an IP address change notification

You can receive notifications about changing IP addresses at mail and in Telegram... For this in notification settings must be checked in front of the group «Automatic transfer of services».

We try to ensure that the IP addresses of user sites change as little as possible. However, there are times when they have to be changed. In order to have a greater (but not 100%) guarantee that the website's IP address will not change, you can order dedicated IP... Changing IP addresses for sites whose domains are served on our NS, occurs transparently and imperceptibly for both clients and site visitors.

If the site is located on a foreign server, then in case of problems in the operation of the equipment, we can transfer data from it to the Ukrainian server. This is necessary to ensure the functioning of the sites during the repair or replacement of equipment. This changes the server's IP address.

When you receive a notification that the IP of your hosting account has changed, do the following:

  1. Check the domains of each sites hosted and find out on which NS are they served.
  2. For domains served on our NS, no action is required — their settings will be changed automatically and they will be redirected to the desired IP.
  3. For domains on third-party NS:
    1. Go to the control panel of the owner of these NS.
    2. Look at the address records in the domain settings and compare them with current IP addresses from our panel:
      • If the IPs match, no action is required.
      • If the IPs do not match — in the NS owner panel, instead of the old IPs, specify current IP addresses from our panel.

If site scripts in the course of their work must refer to any resource, access to which is limited by IP, then on this resource you need to add a new one to the allowed server direct IP.