Direct IPs

There are situations when you need to know the direct IP addresses of a hosting account (IPv4 and / or IPv6).

To find out the addresses, run the command:

Instead example.ftp.tools use your FTP host address or SSH.

Direct IP addresses can change in the following situations:

  • At change of tariff plan hosting from regular to businesshosting or vice versa.
  • At change of country of location hostingaccount.
  • When transferring a hosting account between servers for technical reasons. Examples:
    • To perform a scheduled server upgrade or perform routine maintenance with it that requires a long downtime.
    • In case of unstable operation of the server, when this may affect the quality of the services provided.
    • To ensure a sufficient amount of free resources and clients exceeding the limits, they could not negatively affect the operation of the server and hosting accounts of other hosting clients located on this server.