2.17.2. Website transfer to hosting

Note for Bitrix

Bitrix has built-in backup tools. You can transfer a site using these tools by instructions.
  1. If the account does not contain the ordered hosting services, order new hosting account. If the site requirements are unknown, you can start with the minimum tariff (in the future it will be possible to change).
  2. Add site for hosting.
  3. Through filemanager or FTPclient upload site files to hosting in it root directory.
  4. Create database and import dump the database into it. Attention! Not all sites use a database for their work. You should check whether the site you are migrating requires a database or not.
  5. Important! Necessarily correct database connection settings in the site configuration file. If the site uses absolute paths, correct them (instruction for OpenCart).
  6. Check the site for service address.
  7. Direct domain for hosting.