Error 424 (blocked by security rules)

Error 424 (blocked by security rules) occurs if the request contains signs of an attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in popular CMS to gain unauthorized access to site management. If you see this error in the site log, do not worry, it only means that someone tried to scan your site for vulnerabilities and we did not allow it.


Do not disable all the rules that are in Errorlog, as this increases the risk of the site being hacked.

If the 424 error occurs while working with the site, you can disable the triggered security rule. To do this, open Errorlog site and find an entry in it that matches the request that failed (it can be determined by the time of the request, IP address and URI in the error text). Click «Disable rule» in the line with the found query, wait 15 minutes for the changes to take effect:

The rule is disabled globally for requests to the site from all IPs, not for specific addresses.

If necessary, you can disable the security system in site settings: