IP statistics

Information about the load generated by requests from specific IP addresses can be found in the section «HostingMy sites → IP statistics»:

The section displays information about the number of requests to the site from a specific IP address per day:

  • «IP» - The IP address from which the requests were made. To the right of the address are two additional buttons:
    1. Button for viewing information about the owner of the IP address.
    2. Button to add or remove an IP address from access restrictions.
  • «Apache requests count» — the number of requests that were processed by the Apache server. This server, as a rule, processes POST requests and dynamic content.
  • «Number of NGINX requests» — the number of requests that were processed by the nginx server. This server processes all requests to the site and, if the request requires processing by the Apache server, then the request is passed to it. Thus, if, for example, from IP xxxx Apache processed 1000 requests, and nginx processed 3000 requests, this means that in total from this IP the site received ~3000 requests, 1000 of which were processed by Apache.
  • «Access log» - the button opens access logs with a filter for this IP.

The information allows you to find IP addresses from which there are too many requests to, if necessary, block them... However, it is not recommended to block IP addresses belonging to search engines.