HotLink — File Protection

The HotLink system allows you to protect site files from being used on other resources by embedding links to these files directly into the page code and other things.

HotLink settings are managed in the section «HostingMy sites → HotLink — file protection»:

To protect your files from direct links from third-party sites, specify the desired settings and click «Save»:

  • «File extensions denied access» — file extensions to which HotLink rules apply, separated by commas.
  • «Site addresses that are allowed access» — addresses that are allowed to use the site's files and are not covered by HotLink protection. Addresses must be specified separated by spaces or commas, or write each address on a new line. You can also specify them with a mask that replaces part of the text, specific URLs, for example:
    • example.com/files/images/ — allows embedding only at a specific address of a specific domain.
    • *.example.com — allows embedding for all subdomains of the domain example.com.
    • example.* — allows embedding for named domains example any zones.
  • «Allow direct requests» — a parameter that controls access to files by direct requests without embedding on the site. For example, if the parameter is disabled, the image on the site example.com will be displayed, but when prompted for example.com/image.jpg access will be denied.
  • «Enable» — a parameter that enables HotLink itself.