We recommend using standard UTF-8 encoding.
  1. Openup site settings.
  2. Select the desired encoding in the field «Encoding» (controls header charset, which tells the browser the encoding in which to display the site) and save the changes:
  3. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the changes to take effect.

If in site settings no required encoding, please select «Don't bind encoding ». After that in root directory of the site create a file .htaccess and in it using the directive AddDefaultCharset specify the desired encoding. Example:

AddDefaultCharset cp1251

If the text on the site is still displayed incorrectly, the possible options depend on where exactly this text is stored:

  • If in files — try changing the encoding using any FTPclient and a specialized text editor (for example, Notepad ++).
  • If in the database — try to explicitly specify the desired encoding in the database connection script, as described here.