Flood Protection (I'm Under Attack)

A flood protection system is available on the hosting, which allows you to filter out unwanted requests during attacks on the site.

When security is enabled, a simple JS script is first executed in the site visitor's browser to determine if the visitor is a human. If the script is executed successfully, the site loads normally; if not, instead of loading the site, a message is displayed that JavaScript must be enabled to view it in the browser. For ordinary visitors, such a check is almost imperceptible.

Protection does not interfere with requests from secure services such as Google, PayPal or PrivatBank gateways.

Protection is configured using the parameter «I'm Under Attack» in site settings (individually for each site).

The parameter can be in one of four states:

  • «Protection is disabled and will automatically turn on when flooding» - auto mode.
  • «Protection is disabled and will not automatically turn on when flooding» - protection is completely disabled.
  • «Protection is enabled and will not automatically disable» — protection is always on.
  • «Protection is enabled automatically and will be automatically disabled when the flood ends» - the system noticed the flood and turned on protection. Note The option can be enabled only automatically when a flood is detected by our system. You cannot turn it on manually, you can only switch to another option (for example, when there is a suspicion of a false positive or other protection methods are taken for the site).

A site with protection enabled is marked in the section «My sites» shield icon.