2.10.2. SSH connection details


For security reasons, passwords of SSH users are not stored on the hosting in clear text. If you forgot your password, you can only set a new one with the button. "Change password"... To connect without a password, use key authentication.

To connect to hosting via SSH or SFTP use data or SFTP URL from section "SSH access".

  • Host (server) - address from string "Host".
  • Login - username from string "Login".
  • Password - changing the user's password.
  • Port - standard 22.

SFTP URL Is a link in the format sftp://login@host:port/, which contains all the data for the connection, except for the password.

By clicking on the arrow icon, the link will be opened by the browser in the standard handler of your system. For example, FTP-customer WinSCPinstalled NOT from the Microsoft Store can register itself in the system as an SFTP handler URL... As a result, after clicking on the link, the FTP-the client with the filled-in data for connection and all that remains is to enter the password, or the connection is made immediately, if configured key authentication.

By clicking on the link itself, it is copied to the clipboard. The copied link can be used to quickly connect using FTPclient — usually the client recognizes the link and automatically arranges the data from it in the required fields, after which it remains only to enter the password, or the connection is immediately made, if configured key authentication... There is such an opportunity in FileZilla and WinSCP.