2.10.14. Force termination of processes

If any processes within the hosting account freeze from, you can forcibly terminate in one of the ways.

To force termination of all processes through the control panel, do the following:
  1. Open the section "Hosting ":
  2. Go to section "Linux configuration":
  3. In the block "Hanging processes" click "Terminate all processes":
To force termination of all processes using console commands, do the following:
  1. Connect to the hosting account via SSH.
  2. Run the required command:
    • Viewing the list of running processes:
      ps aux
    • Completing a separate process:
      kill PID

      Instead PID substitute process id from output results ps aux (number from column PID).

    • Terminating all PHP processes:
      kill $(pgrep -f php)
    • Completion of all processes:
      pkill -9 -u $(whoami)

      Note After executing this command, the current SSH connection will be automatically terminated.