2.10.4. Restricting SSH Access

SSH security is managed under "SSH access"... Connection by SSH, SFTP and SCP possible only from addresses added to the list of allowed. You cannot completely disable access restriction.


  • The subnet mask in CIDR format must be not less than 20.
  • You cannot add LAN IP addresses (starting with 192.168.*.*, 10.*.*.*, 172.16.*.* and 127.*.*.*). Use tool.
  1. Open the section "SSH access".
  2. Clickon "Add IP to allowed list".
  3. Enter the required IP addresses (each on a new line) and click "Save":
    By default, your current IP is automatically filled into the field.
  4. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the changes to take effect.
  1. Open the section "SSH access".
  2. In the list of allowed addresses, click ❌ in the line with the IP that you want to delete, or mark the addresses with checkmarks and click "Delete selected":

Notifications are sent to account mail and in Telegram when adding addresses to list of allowed.