2.9.8. Block HTTP file uploads in Chrome


The current version of Chrome can be viewed in the browser menu in the section "Reference → About the Google Chrome browser".

The latest versions of Chrome are gradually introducing mechanisms to protect against unsafe file downloads. Depending on the version of Chrome you are using, when you try to download a file over an insecure HTTP protocol, the browser will either display a warning or block the download completely. This decision is due to the fact that when downloaded without encryption, hackers during the MITM attack can replace the contents of the file.

To prevent file uploads from being blocked, you need to switch the site to work via HTTPS:

  1. Install SSL certificate for the website: free from Let's Encrypt or issued by a certification authority.
  2. Configure the site to work over HTTPS. Basic setup instructions for some CMS is in our wiki: WordPress, Joomla!, OpenCart, PrestaShop... Information on other CMS can be found on profile resources.
  3. Eliminate on site mixed contentif present. Separate instructions: WordPress, OpenCart.