What's new in the updated offer?

  • We have outlined in more detail some unacceptable situations in which we have the right to refuse to provide services to the Client (fraudulent and other illegal actions that threaten the safety of other clients of the company and the safety of the company), identified responsibility for violators of the law.
  • Set the foundation for our Privacy Policy to be updated to comply with the requirements of the European Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • We tried to concretize and clarify some of the terms found in the Agreement, which we use when communicating with our Clients.
  • According to the requirements of the .UA domain zone registry operator, we have implemented procedures for registrants of second-level domain names in the .UA domain zone. "Of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy in the .UA Domain" (the possibility of resolving disputes under the UDRP procedure) and undertook to comply with the decisions of the bodies authorized to consider disputes regarding the registration of the use of domain names under the UDRP procedure.
  • Clarified the obligations of the Subscriber to the Contractor when receiving requests from third parties.
  • We determined the rights of the Contractor at its discretion to determine the content of the materials of the sites for compliance with the legislation of Ukraine.
  • Clarified the amount of the Contractor's responsibility to the Subscriber.
  • Established liability for harm caused by illegal use of the domain name to third parties.
  • We settled some provisions regarding the procedure for considering claims and disputes.
  • We have clarified the terms of the Subscriber to the answer to the administrative request of the Contractor.

The contract in the form of a public offer comes into force on 12.08.2019.