8.4. Redis Life Cycle

flowchart LR O([Ordered]) A["Active"] DA[Blocked] D([Removed]) style O fill:#e0e0e0,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style A fill:#2A9D8F,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff style DA fill:#E9C46A,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style D fill:#E76F51,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff O-->A A-->|Balance replenishment |A A-.->|Manual removal|DA A-->|No funds on balance|DA DA-->|Replenishment of balance, downtime payment
and unlock|A DA-->|10 days|D

Redis instance ordered. Immediately after ordering, it becomes active.

The Redis instance is up and running.

Duration: Until funds run out balancesheet or the instance will not be deleted manually.

During this period, you can fully use the service, change the tariff, etc.

The Redis instance is down and access to its contents is completely blocked.

Duration: 10 days. Attention! Storage conditions may change, so do not store important data without payment.

During this period you can replenish the balance and unlock the instance by paying the cost of data storage from the balance for the entire period since deactivation. Attention! Unlock an instance without paying for the entire retention period impossible.

The Redis instance has been permanently deleted. Resume it or get any data from it impossible.