6.1. General information about repositories

Service in beta testing

In case of any difficulties, please contact technical support. Suggestions for improving the functionality can be left through the feedback and suggestions section.


  • Vault it separate independent service. Storage Order does not increase disk space existing hosting services, VPS or Dedicated.
  • Storages are hosted only on servers that are physically located in Ukraine.

Storage — disk space on the server for storing various files: documents, archives, images, audio and video files, own backups, etc. An unlimited number of separate storages can be ordered in one account. The amount of storage ordered change as needed.

Important points:

When ordering storage, the cost is indicated for a month, but payment is not charged immediately, but in installments once a day from personal balance. The withdrawal amount depends on maximum disk space values during the day.

For example, you ordered storage for 10 GB, on the second day you increased the disk space to 30 GB, on the third day you reduced it to 20 GB, and on the fourth day you left the volume unchanged — for the first day the payment will be charged as for 10 GB, for the second and third as for 30 GB (the maximum value on the third day was 30 GB), and for the fourth as for 20 GB. Etc.