6.12. Links to upload files to storage


  • By default, the repository does not have links to download files. You need to create them yourself.
  • Instead of the standard view URL XXXXxXXXxxxXxXXx.cdn.express to access the repository you can use own domain or subdomain.

Download links work like this. You create a link with password access and when creating it, you specify the directory where the files should be uploaded. Provide the created link and password to any user. The user opens the link at home, enters the password and uploads the files to the storage via the browser. Uploaded files go to storage in the directory that you specified when creating the link. At any time, the link can be removed and thereby block access to downloading files using it.

The list of current links and the button for creating new ones are on the tab «Upload links»:

  • «Suffix for link» — a mandatory suffix that will be added to the end of the link to the download page (the link will look like a1234b12c123456d.cdn.express/upload/suffix/).
  • «Link password» — password to access the download page in the browser.
  • «Download directory» — the directory where files will be saved when downloading through the browser. Available options:
    • «YYYY/MM» — when loading, a directory with the current year and a subdirectory with the number of the month will be created.
    • «YYYY/MM/DD» — when loading, a directory with the current year and subdirectories with the number of the month and day will be created.
    • «Mine» — when loading, its own directory will be created. When specifying your catalog, you can use shortcodes for the current year, month, and day.