4.17. FTP archive


Without prior self-configuration, no data in FTP-archives are not saved. With an example of setting up saving backups to FTP-archive using the Vesta panel can be viewed here.

When ordering VPS additional disk space is provided on a separate FTP-server. Access data can be found in the section "VPS" in the tab "FTP-archive".

10 GB and 199999 inodes are available by default. If necessary, the available space can be expanded with a button "Order extra space" in the tab "FTP-archive".

FTP-archive is intended for self-backup of data. For example, you can manually create archives with important data on the VPS and upload them to FTP-archive, or automate this task using your own scripts, run on a schedule using cron. This kind of backup can help preserve data in the event of server problems or reinstalling the OS.