Adding a site to Vesta

  1. Switch to tab "WEB" and click on the green button "+":
  2. Specify the details of the added site and click "Add" ("Add"):
    • "Domain" ("Domain") - specify the domain of the site to be added.
    • "IP address" ("IP address") - select the required IP from the list of available ones.
    • "Support DNS" ("DNS Support") - uncheck the box.
    • "Mail support" ("Mail Support") — uncheck the box.
  3. If the domain was aimed at VPS, check the site in a browser. You should see a stub like this:

The files of the added site must be placed in the directory /home/admin/web/example.com/public_html, where admin Is the directory of the user under whose account the site was added, and example.com - the name of the domain specified when adding the site.

By default, the site directory will contain two files:

  1. Index file with automatically generated stub.
  2. File robots.txt.