Buy a .ua domain

Domain ua is a first-level domain that ranks first in popularity among all domains in Ukraine.

Buy domain ua anyone who has an already registered trademark can. If the trademark is international, it must be protected by the Madrid Agreement, the effect of this protection must extend to the territory of Ukraine. Domain can be registered only by the owner of the trademark. If the domain is registered by another person, it must be provided license agreement.

Domain ua is the most popular and recognizable in Ukraine, it is universal and suitable for completely different purposes and different fields of activity. It is used by both the public sector and private companies and individual specialists. Domain ua has the highest commercial attractiveness for companies, teams and organizations that present their goods and services on the territory of Ukraine.

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Check domain name availability

To make sure your chosen domain name is free, you can use a quick search.

When buying a domain, you can also choose a suitable one. hosting plan and use additional services:

  •   SSL certificate for free
  •   Automatic CMS installation (as needed: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc.).

Domain zone registration rules ua

  1. How to check the availability of a free name in the domain zone ua?

    Enter the desired name in the verification field.

  2. How long is it allowed to register a domain name? ua?

    Minimum term – 1 year for the first registration, with the possibility of further extension to 10 years

  3. How long does it take to register a domain name? ua?

    Creature – no more than 1 hour, subject to fully filled data, activation – up to 72 hours.

  4. What are the characters and valid character lengths for domain names ua?

    Minimum – 1 character, maximum – 63 characters. It is forbidden to use special characters (example:% !?, etc.)

  5. Does HOSTING UKRAINE provide hosting services for domains ua?

    Yes. When buying a domain, you can choose a suitable hosting plan.

  6. Can I hide my personal information in WHOIS?

    Registry contact information is private by default. It is possible to hide / open / change contact information in accordance with the TM data. The trademark number cannot be hidden.

  7. Is there a grace period for domain renewal? ua?

    Within 30 days from the date of the formation of the debt, you can renew the domain at the regular price. The service of renewing the domain on credit for 5 days is also available.