Affiliate program

Earn money with hosting "Ukraine"!

Hosting.XYZ LTD invites site owners interested in additional income to become our partner. Earn money by selling shared hosting and domain registration services easily and conveniently! We offer cooperation and want to make it mutually beneficial and simple! On this page you can find a brief list of the conditions of the affiliate (referral) program for the sale of hosting and registration of domain names. A complete list of the rules of the Affiliate Program can be found atURL.

You will interesting to cooperate with us if you:

  • website owner;
  • web design studio;
  • SEO optimizer;
  • programmer;
  • designer;
  • blogger.

Benefits cooperation with us:

  • Before 10% for life from all orders for shared hosting and domain names paid by the attracted retail client.In the event that the user attracted by the contractor changes its status from a retail user to a client working on loyalty program, then the reward will be 1% from all orders made by the attracted partner.
  • The ability to withdraw money to Visa / MasterCard payment cards or to your bank account or transfer funds to your account balance to pay for services. The minimum withdrawal amount is 300 UAH.
  • The ability to link to any page on our site by simply adding your affiliate ID to the page address.
  • Favorable conditions depending on the profitability of the attracted client.
  • Detailed statistics indicating detailed information about the number of attracted customers and earned funds in real time.
  • Fast start!
  • Payout Guarantee! We strive to ensure that the visitor you bring to us was recorded as your referral, since by paying you a reward we motivate you to cooperate, and this is beneficial for us.
  • Even if the user followed the referral link and did not order anything, but placed an order on the site within 90 days, it will be counted as a referral.

Ease of selling hosting and domain registration:

  • easy and user-friendly registration web interface;
  • the most favorable tariff plans on the hosting and domain registration market;
  • full control over the remuneration received;
  • high quality of services and speed of services.

Fast start! To start cooperation you need:

  1. Register on our website, if you are a hosting client, then you are already a registered user.
  2. In the control panel get HTML code for link placement, banner or button on your site.
  3. Place a link on your site.

Hosting.XYZ LTD reserves the right to make changes to the terms of the affiliate program, about which customers will be notified by e-mail 10 days prior to the entry of such changes.

Important!The affiliate program applies only to accounts registered by individuals. The program does not apply to accounts of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.