Free hosting

Educational institutions

The development of a country depends on the number of educated people and the effectiveness of education. Now we have the opportunity to make a small contribution to the development of education by providing modern technologies for learning. We hope that this contribution will bear fruit in the development of the country. Therefore, we provide free hosting and a domain name in the * zone to all secondary schools. If the school site is really interesting, it needs more resources or space, then we can consider this possibility.

Who can apply for free hosting:

  • General education schools, as well as their students and parents of students.
  • Boardingschools.
  • Kindergartens.
  • Teachers to post teaching materials.

To get free hosting you need:

  1. Place an order for a hosting plan for hosting one site.
  2. Write a letter to indicating the desired domain name in the * zone, the number of the school and the city in which the school is located, as well as a few words about what you plan to use the hosting for. If desired, you can bind any other domain name.
  3. One school may have several sites registered to different people. If one webmaster develops the site poorly, and the second wants to make it better, then why limit it? There must be free competition.

Charity organisations

To receive free hosting, a charitable organization must be transparent. Collection of donations from such organizations should be made only through a current account or a card with open access to view donations and expenses