Документация предназначена для того, чтобы вы могли быстро и легко находить ответы на интересующие вас вопросы без необходимости обращения в службу технической поддержки. Она создана на основе ежедневного анализа вопросов наших клиентов и регулярно обновляется.


Beginning of work

1. Account

2. Hosting

2.1. Hosting account
2.1.1. Hosting order
2.1.2. Business hosting
2.1.3. Plans
2.1.4. Hosting account life cycle
2.1.5. Hosting account name
2.1.6. Switching between hosting accounts
2.1.7. Changing the country where the hosting account is located
2.1.8. Changing the hosting plan
2.1.9. Delegating access to a hosting account
2.1.10. Transfer of hosting rights
2.1.11. Consolidation of hosting accounts
2.1.12. Division of sites by hosting accounts
2.1.13. Deleting a hosting account
2.1.14. Recovering a deleted hosting account
2.2. Additional services
2.2.1. Dedicated IP for hosting
2.2.2. Memcache(d)
2.2.3. Redis
2.2.4. OPcache
2.2.5. Sphinx
2.2.6. Additional mail space
2.2.7. Deactivating the renewal of an additional service
2.2.8. Deleting an unpaid order for an additional service
2.3. My sites
2.3.1. Site settings Processing requests to non-existent subdomains Site root directory Aliases Static files Browser static caching Outgoing mail Encoding Setting up a redirect to an address with www or without www Setting up a redirect to HTTP / HTTPS Change the language for error pages and protection against bots Choosing TLS encryption protocol versions IPv6 autoconfiguration Connecting the site to Google Analytics Flood protection (I'm Under Attack)
2.3.2. Analytics AWStats statistics Site load IP load URL load Page load Server responses
2.3.3. Adding a site
2.3.4. Subdomain adding
2.3.5. The site is already in service
2.3.6. Change site name
2.3.7. Removing subdomains
2.3.8. Site delete
2.3.9. Not completely remote site
2.3.10. Site service address
2.3.11. Indicators of Invalid Address Entries
2.3.12. PHP settings
2.3.13. SSL settings
2.3.14. Access limitation
2.3.15. HotLink — file protection
2.3.16. Protection from bots
2.3.17. Installing CMS
2.3.18. Site builder
2.3.19. PHP profiling
2.3.20. Website technical check
2.3.21. Site access logs (Access log)
2.3.22. Site error logs (Error-log)
2.3.23. PHP mail log
2.3.24. Site backups
2.3.25. Screenshots of the main page of the site
2.4. Backup
2.4.1. General information about backups
2.4.2. Making a backup
2.4.3. Restoring a backup
2.4.4. Downloading the created backup
2.4.5. Deleting the created backup
2.4.6. FTP access to backups
2.4.7. Backup questions
2.4.8. Create and restore a copy of site files using rsync
2.5. File manager
2.5.1. Description of the file manager
2.5.2. Connection sources
2.5.3. Uploading and downloading files
2.5.4. File search
2.5.5. File editor
2.5.6. Creating, viewing and unpacking an archive
2.5.7. Symbolic links
2.5.8. Changing permissions
2.5.9. Password protection of directories on the site
2.5.10. Database import
2.5.11. View properties
2.5.12. Disk space analysis with file manager
2.6. FTP
2.6.1. FTP Users FTP user list Create FTP user FTP connection details Change FTP user settings Delete FTP user Restricting FTP Access
2.6.2. FTP clients FileZilla Problems with FileZilla Error "Failed to convert command to 8-bit encoding" in FileZilla "Connection terminated after XX seconds of inactivity" error in FileZilla Error "EAI_NONAME" in FileZilla Installing FileZilla Setting up FTP connection in FileZilla Configuring SFTP Connection in FileZilla Enabling Passive Connection Mode in FileZilla Enabling Binary Transfer Mode in FileZilla Uploading files to the server using FileZilla Editing a file on the server with FileZilla Enabling forced UTF-8 for filenames in FileZilla Disable encryption in FileZilla Total Commander Setting up FTP connection in Total Commander Setting up SFTP connection in Total Commander Enabling passive connection mode in Total Commander Enabling Binary Data Transfer Mode in Total Commander Enabling forced use of UTF-8 for filenames in Total Commander WinSCP Configuring FTP Connection in WinSCP Configuring an SFTP connection in WinSCP Configuring SCP connection in WinSCP Configuring Key Authentication in WinSCP Enabling forced UTF-8 for filenames in WinSCP Show hidden files in WinSCP FTP connection using Windows
2.6.3. FTP problems Error 530 Login incorrect Error 530 User denied by access rules The deleted directory appears again Error 550 Permission denied
2.6.4. IDE and code editors Setting up FTP and SFTP connection in PhpStorm Configuring FTP and SFTP Connection in VS Code
2.6.5. FTP connection
2.6.6. FTP logs
2.6.7. Temporary FTP access to a specific directory
2.6.8. Hosting a file and getting a link to it
2.6.9. Hidden system directories
2.6.10. Basic FTP commands
2.6.11. Tmp directory
2.7. MySQL
2.7.1. Database Database creation Creating a database user Data to connect to the database Changing the password of a database user Restricting Access to MySQL Database import via control panel Database export via control panel Optimizing database tables Cleaning up the database Removing a database user Removing a database Changing database user privileges Disabling 2-step authentication in phpMyAdmin Force completion of all database queries
2.7.2. MySQL clients phpMyAdmin PhpMyAdmin problems Error 1046 Database not selected Import hangs and after a while fails with error 405 This table does not contain a unique column PhpMyAdmin login Executing SQL query in phpMyAdmin Database import via phpMyAdmin Database export via phpMyAdmin PhpMyAdmin questions Exporting individual database tables via phpMyAdmin Killing processes with phpMyAdmin Searching database content with phpMyAdmin Disabling 2-step authentication in phpMyAdmin Adding an index with phpMyAdmin HeidiSQL (Windows) Setting up a database connection in HeidiSQL Database import via HeidiSQL Killing processes with HeidiSQL DBeaver Sequel Pro (macOS) Configuring database connection in Sequel Pro Database import via Sequel Pro DataGrip MySQL Workbench
2.7.3. Database problems Invalid encoding when outputting data from the database Error 1153 Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes Error connecting to database Max_user_connections error Large database size
2.7.4. Connecting the site to the database
2.7.5. Database import
2.7.6. Database export
2.7.7. Temporary access to a specific database
2.7.8. Slow queries
2.7.9. Database optimization
2.7.10. Optimizing database queries
2.7.11. MySQL server configuration
2.7.12. MySQL server load
2.7.13. Types of storages and their change
2.7.14. Change MySQL version
2.7.16. Create a copy of the database
2.7.17. Changing the database encoding
2.8. PHP
2.8.1. Scripts Script for viewing information about the current PHP configuration (phpinfo) Outgoing ports check script Converting storage of all tables Memcache test (d) Redis test Sphinx test Delete old emails from your mailbox Redirect to URL in lower case
2.8.2. Possible problems Instead of the results of PHP-scripts in the browser, their content is displayed Error "Fatal error: require * (): Failed opening required" Error "open_basedir restriction in effect"
2.8.3. Composer Installing Composer Working with Composer
2.8.4. Third party software PHPMemcacheAdmin Opcache GUI PHPRedisAdmin
2.8.5. Changing the PHP version for the site
2.8.6. Changing the PHP version for the console
2.8.7. memory_limit
2.8.8. max_execution_time
2.8.9. ionCube
2.8.10. auto_prepend_file
2.8.11. mail.add_x_header
2.8.12. Outputting and logging PHP errors
2.8.13. Session lifetime
2.8.14. Session storage handler
2.8.15. Working with mongodb
2.8.16. open_basedir
2.8.17. PHP mail function
2.8.18. Determining the visitor's country in PHP
2.8.19. Disabling PHP Functions
2.8.20. Working with MSSQL
2.8.21. PHP extensions
2.8.22. PHP profiling
2.8.23. List of configurable PHP options
2.9. SSL
2.9.1. Installing an SSL Certificate Free Let's Encrypt Certificate Certificate issued by a certification authority Self-signed certificate Installing SSL from Cloudflare
2.9.2. SSL problems Notification of the need to direct the domain to the IP of the hosting account The password for the private key is incorrect The specified key is not valid for the certificate Mixed content Let's Encrypt certificate issue on older devices
2.9.3. Setting up a redirect to HTTP / HTTPS
2.9.4. Viewing SSL Certificate Information
2.9.5. Generating CSR
2.9.6. SSL certificate format
2.9.7. Paid SSL Certificates
2.9.8. Block HTTP file uploads in Chrome
2.10. SSH
2.10.1. Problems with SSH Network is unreachable Too many authentication failures REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED POSSIBLE DNS SPOOFING Broken pipe on macOS Bash settings are not saved
2.10.2. SSH connection details
2.10.3. SSH connection
2.10.4. Restricting SSH Access
2.10.5. Changing PHP version in the console
2.10.6. Search for files and directories through the console
2.10.7. Database import via console
2.10.8. Database export via console
2.10.9. SSH key authentication
2.10.10. Working with Git
2.10.11. Symbolic links
2.10.12. Encoding conversion of file and directory names
2.10.13. Setting up the display of the Cyrillic alphabet in console editors (nano, vim)
2.10.14. Force termination of processes
2.10.15. Running scripts requiring ionCube, Zend Encoder, Memcache (d) or Redis
2.10.16. Useful console features
2.10.17. Create and restore a copy of site files using rsync
2.10.18. Linux configuration
2.10.19. Analyzing disk space with ncdu
2.10.20. Analysis of disk space with console commands
2.10.21. Creating, viewing, testing and unpacking an archive
2.11. cron
2.11.1. Problems with cron Concurrent script execution blocked The reports do not reach the recipient
2.11.2. Adding a cron task
2.11.3. Cron job reports
2.11.4. Cron log
2.11.5. Cron limitations
2.11.6. Running a script via wget
2.11.7. Passing parameters to the running script
2.11.8. Changing cron's working directory
2.11.9. Automatic directory cleaning
2.11.10. Non-standard cron tasks
2.12. .htaccess
2.12.1. Unsupported options
2.12.2. Directives do not work
2.12.3. Redirects
2.12.4. Features of the redirect when using a dedicated IP
2.12.5. Restricting access to files and directories using login and password
2.12.6. Access restriction by IP address
2.12.7. Restricting access by User-Agent
2.12.8. Customizing the delivery of your 404 error page
2.12.9. Determining the country of the visitor
2.12.10. Configuring HSTS
2.12.11. Regular expressions
2.12.12. Overriding the default page
2.13. CMS
2.13.1. WordPress Problems with WordPress Infinite redirect No connection with White screen HTTP Error Mixed content Unable to create directory when uploading media file 404 error on all pages except the main page Infecting WordPress theme functions.php file Increased load from wp-cron.php The file type is invalid for security reasons Popular plugin vulnerabilities Image processing failed Plugins Updating plugins Disabling plugins in WordPress Setting up Memcached in WordPress Installing WP-CLI Setting up Redis in WordPress Setting up LiteSpeed Cache in WordPress Setting up mail in WordPress Updating WordPress engine files Installing WordPress WordPress config file Setting up a database connection in WordPress WordPress admin panel Change admin password in WordPress Change site url in WordPress Setting up HTTPS in WordPress Setting up WordPress to work at a URL without www Setting up WordPress to work at a service address (no domain) Standard .htaccess for WordPress Clearing the Cache in WordPress Changing Theme in WordPress Through the Database Enabling Debug Mode in WordPress Multisite setup in WordPress Website hack protection on WordPress Customizing a 404 Page in WordPress Migrate WordPress Disabling thumbnail generation
2.13.2. Joomla! Problems while working with Joomla! ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED error Installing Joomla! The Joomla! Config file Setting up a database connection in Joomla! Joomla! Admin Panel Changing the admin password in Joomla! Setting up HTTPS in Joomla! Setting up Memcached in Joomla! Standard .htaccess for Joomla! Clearing the cache in Joomla! Enabling Debug Mode in Joomla! Localizing Joomla! Migrating Joomla! Setting up mail in Joomla! Changing the Database Driver in Joomla! Disable Contact Form in Joomla! Setting up a 404 page in Joomla! Configuring Redis in Joomla! Setting up LiteSpeed Cache in Joomla!
2.13.3. Bitrix Installing Bitrix Setting up a connection to a database in Bitrix Setting up Memcache in Bitrix Standard .htaccess for Bitrix Setting up mail in Bitrix Changing the database driver in Bitrix Setting up a 404 page in Bitrix Problems when working with Bitrix Website transfer to Bitrix
2.13.4. OpenCart Problems with OpenCart Mixed content ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED error 403 error when opening XML file Icons are not displayed in OpenCart Additional HTTPS setup in OpenCart 2.2 Updating the admin panel upon login RCPT error TO not accepted from server Installing OpenCart OpenCart config files Setting up a database connection in OpenCart OpenCart admin panel Change admin password in OpenCart Change site url in OpenCart Setting up HTTPS in OpenCart Memcache (d) setup in OpenCart Standard .htaccess for OpenCart Clearing the cache in OpenCart Generic OpenCart config files OpenCart localization Enabling CNC in OpenCart Installing extensions via FTP in OpenCart Setting up mail in OpenCart Changing the DB driver in OpenCart Setting up a 404 page in OpenCart Configuring Redis in OpenCart Disable counting products in categories in OpenCart Setting up LiteSpeed Cache in OpenCart Transfer OpenСart Logging errors in OpenCart Moving the storage directory outside of the OpenCart root directory
2.13.5. Drupal Drupal problems Images are not displayed in Drupal Installing Drupal Drupal config file Setting up a database connection in Drupal Changing admin password in Drupal Setting up Memcache in Drupal Configuring Redis in Drupal Installing Drush Changing the database driver in Drupal Enabling Clean URLs in Drupal 5 and 6 Setting up LiteSpeed Cache in Drupal 8 Enabling Debug Mode in Drupal
2.13.6. MODX Installing MODX Setting up a database connection in MODX Standard .htaccess for MODX Changing the DB driver in MODX Clearing cache in MODX Customizing the 404 page in MODX MODX transfer Moving the core directory outside the MODX root directory Changing the administrator password in MODX
2.13.7. Webasyst Installing Webasyst Setting up a database connection in Webasyst Standard .htaccess for Webasyst Clearing cache in Webasyst Setting up mail in Webasyst Setting up a 404 page in Webasyst Setting up Memcached in Webasyst
2.13.8. PrestaShop Installing PrestaShop PrestaShop config file Setting up database connection in PrestaShop PrestaShop admin panel Changing admin password in PrestaShop Change site url in PrestaShop Setting up HTTPS in PrestaShop Memcached setup in PrestaShop Standard .htaccess for PrestaShop Clearing Smarty Cache in PrestaShop Enabling debug mode in PrestaShop Mail setup in PrestaShop Setting up a 404 page in PrestaShop PrestaShop update
2.13.9. Magento Install Magento 2.3.7 Setting up database connection in Magento Magento admin panel Change admin password in Magento Clearing the cache in Magento Mail setup in Magento Setting up a 404 page in Magento Setting up Redis in Magento Standard .htaccess for Magento 2.3
2.13.10. Other CMS DataLife Engine (DLE) Setting up a database connection in DLE Setting up Memcache (d) in DLE Setting up Redis in DLE ImageCMS Setting up a database connection in ImageCMS ShopCMS Setting up a database connection in ShopCMS PHPShop Setting up a database connection in PHPShop Simple Machines Forum (SMF) Setting up Memcache in SMF Moodle Installing Moodle Localization of Moodle Enabling debug mode in Moodle Open Journal System Installing Open Journal Systems (OJS) Moguta Memcache (d) setup in Moguta Shop-Script Setting up a database connection in Shop-Script October Installing October Setting up a database connection in October October admin panel DokuWiki Installing DokuWiki MediaWiki Installing MediaWiki phpBB PhpBB admin panel Evolution Evolution admin panel Changing the administrator password in Evolution OkayCMS Installing OkayCMS Changing the administrator password in OkayCMS OkayCMS admin panel
2.13.11. Automatic CMS installation
2.14. Frameworks
2.14.1. Symfony Installing Symfony Transferring Symfony to Hosting Setting up a database connection in Symfony
2.14.2. Laravel Installing Laravel Migrating Laravel to hosting Setting up a database connection in Laravel Clearing Laravel System Cache Artisan Utility Setting up Redis in Laravel
2.14.3. Yii Installing Yii Setting up database connection in Yii
2.14.4. Yii 2 Installing Yii 2 Migrating Yii 2 to Hosting Setting up a database connection in Yii 2
2.14.5. Phalcon Enabling Phalcon Installing Phalcon Devtools
2.14.6. CodeIgniter Installing CodeIgniter Setting up a database connection in CodeIgniter Change Application Address in CodeIgniter
2.15. Hosting IPs
2.15.1. Current IP addresses
2.15.2. Direct IP Addresses
2.15.3. Correct identification of the country by IP address
2.15.4. What to do if you receive a notification about the change of IP address
2.16. Disk space
2.16.1. FAQ Files on the hosting weigh more than on the device
2.16.2. Disk space information
2.16.3. Ways to analyze disk space
2.16.4. Ways to Increase Disk Space
2.17. Site transfer
2.17.1. Problems transferring a site Interactive elements stopped working on the site after migration
2.17.2. Website transfer to hosting
2.17.3. Automatic site transfer between hosting accounts
2.17.4. Manual website transfer between hosting accounts
2.17.5. Moving a site between accounts
2.17.6. Moving a site from a subdomain to the main domain
2.17.7. Moving a site from the main domain to a subdomain
2.17.8. Creating a copy of a site on another domain or subdomain
2.17.9. Website transfer from hosting
2.18. Security
2.18.1. Antivirus
2.18.2. Hacking protection recommendations
2.18.3. IP blocking
2.18.4. The site is blocked by the browser as containing dangerous software
2.18.5. Virus cleaning
2.18.6. The site was copied by hackers
2.18.7. PHP Antimalware Scanner
2.18.8. Security headers
2.19. Optimization
2.19.1. Site optimization settings (PageSpeed)
2.19.2. Server response time (TTFB)
2.19.3. Site optimization
2.19.4. Database optimization
2.19.5. Optimizing database queries
2.19.6. Optimizing images
2.20. Errors on the site
2.20.1. Error 403 Forbidden
2.20.2. 404 Not Found error
2.20.3. Error 405 Not Allowed
2.20.4. Error 424 (blocked by security rules)
2.20.5. Error 500 Internal Server Error
2.20.6. Error 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
2.20.7. Error 508 Resource Limit Is Reached
2.20.8. Fatal error: Allowed memory size
2.20.9. No input file specified error
2.20.10. Service not configured error
2.20.11. A white page is displayed instead of the site
2.20.12. Slow website loading
2.20.13. Images with Cyrillic characters in the title are not displayed
2.20.14. JavaScript is not working or images are not displayed
2.20.15. PHP code doesn't work in HTML files or download.php file is downloaded instead of opening site
2.20.16. CORS Errors and Cross-Site AJAX Issues
2.20.17. Perl or Python script does not work
2.20.18. Authorization via 401 header does not work
2.20.19. Server does not return Last-Modified HTTP header
2.20.20. Watermark overlay issues
2.20.21. The Sape code is not displayed on the main page
2.20.23. Python script does not output Cyrillic
2.20.24. The site is not configured on the server
2.20.25. ModSecurity error: Request body no files data length is larger than the configured limit
2.21. DDoS
2.21.1. Cloudflare Domain connection to Cloudflare Enabling traffic filtering in Cloudflare Clearing cache in Cloudflare
2.21.2. DDoS Protection
2.21.3. IP blocking and unblocking check
2.22. Diagnosing problems
2.22.1. ping
2.22.2. tracert/traceroute
2.22.3. telnet
2.22.4. Website availability check
2.22.5. Windows command line
2.22.6. MacOS terminal
2.22.7. tcproute/tcptraceroute
2.22.8. NetCat
2.23. Hosting configuration
2.23.1. Libraries and utilities List of libraries and utilities The wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage utilities Installing Python Libraries Redis-cli utility
2.23.2. Supported technologies
2.23.3. Gzip and brotli compression
2.23.4. HTTP / 2 and Server Push
2.23.5. PEAR
2.23.6. ImageMagick
2.23.7. Python
2.23.8. Perl
2.23.9. PHP extensions
2.23.10. Apache Modules
2.23.11. OpenLiteSpeed
2.23.12. PHP-FPM
2.23.13. Node.js
2.23.13. SQLite
2.24. Mail
2.24.1. Mailboxes Create mailbox Data for connecting to a mailbox Change mailbox settings Changing the mailbox password Setting the antispam level Setting up a redirect Setting up an answering machine Configuring incoming mail processing for non-existent addresses Sending emails indicating other users Deleting mailboxes
2.24.2. Mail clients WebMail.Online WebMail.Online Filters Setting filters in WebMail.Online Moving letters to a specific folder File filtering "Disconnecting" a mailbox Description of WebMail.Online filters About WebMail.Online Create a new folder in your mailbox WebMail classic WebMail Filters Setting filters in WebMail Moving emails to a specific folder File filtering "Disconnection" mailbox Description of WebMail filters Problems with WebMail Unsuccessful login attempt Login to webmail Changing the display encoding of emails in WebMail Create a new folder in your mailbox Encrypting Emails in WebMail Import/Export Contacts to WebMail Webmail Design Distribution groups View email headers in WebMail Deleting Emails in WebMail Search for emails in WebMail Set up a signature in WebMail Set up CalDAV calendar synchronization in WebMail Creating HTML emails in WebMail Thunderbird Setting up the Thunderbird mail client View email headers in Thunderbird Proper authentication setup in Thunderbird Change mailbox password in Thunderbird Setting up calendar sync in Thunderbird (CalDAV) Automatic Thunderbird Configuration Delete old emails with Thunderbird Outlook Issues with Outlook Sent emails are not synced with the server Error "Bad recipient address syntax" Configuring the Outlook 2007 mail client Configuring the Outlook 2010 mail client Setting up the Outlook 2013 mail client Setting up the Outlook 2016 mail client Setting up the Outlook 2019 mail client Setting up the Outlook Express mail client Sync Outlook over IMAP View email headers in Outlook 2019 Automatic deletion of old emails in Outlook Proper authentication setup in Outlook 2013-2019 Setting up the Outlook 2016 email client (macOS) Setting up the Outlook 2019 email client (macOS) Setting up the Outlook 2021 email client (macOS) Setting up the Outlook mail client (Android) Set up Outlook 2013 calendar synchronization (CalDAV) The Bat! Problems when working with The Bat! Error "Unknown CA certificate" in The Bat! Setting up The Bat! Viewing email headers in The Bat! Correct authentication setup in The Bat! Gmail (Android/iOS) Setting up the Gmail mail client (Android/iOS) Check your incoming and outgoing mail settings in Gmail (Android/iOS) Mail (iOS) Issues with the Mail app (iOS) Error "The server rejected the recipient because it does not allow relaying" Error "SMTP server not responding" Setting up the mail client Mail (iOS) Mail (macOS) Setting up the mail client Mail (macOS) Setting up authentication correctly in the Mail app (macOS) Spark Setting up Spark email client (Android/iOS) Setting up Spark mail client (Windows) Other email clients Setting up the Mailspring mail client Setting up the Mailbird mail client Setting up the Claws Mail mail client Setting up the Evolution mail client (Linux) Setting up K-9 Mail (Android) Setting up the Vivaldi Mail client Setting up the Opera Mail mail client Setting up the mail client Mail (Windows 10) RainLoop Web Client Configuring Calendar Synchronization in EmClient (CalDAV) Viewing Email Headers View email headers in WebMail View email headers in Thunderbird View email headers in Outlook 2019 Viewing email headers in The Bat! View email headers in Gmail Setting up a Gmail mail collector Proper authentication settings in mail clients
2.24.3. Problems with mail Unable to connect to ISP is blocking port 25 Error "450 4.7.1 Error: too many recipients from IP" Error "550 5.7.1 This message was blocked because its content presents a potential security issue" Disappearance of letters from the mailbox PHP mail function call error Error "553 5.7.1 Sender address rejected: not owned by user" Error "Maximum number of connections from user + IP exceeded" Letters from oneself Phishing emails
2.24.4. Mail logs Mail log from web server PHP mail log Mailbox connection log Log of rejected emails Log of unsent messages
2.24.5. SPF, DKIM, DMARC SPF setting DKIM setup Configuring DMARC
2.24.6. Mail transfer Moving mailboxes Mail import Mail export
2.24.7. Mail limits Mail sending limits Stored mail limits Mail server limits for each client IP address Maximum letter size
2.24.8. Cleaning your mailbox
2.24.9. Correct sending mail from the site
2.24.10. Checking the work of outgoing mail via PHP mail
2.24.11. Checking the operation of outgoing mail via SMTP
2.24.12. How to avoid spam emails
2.24.13. Spamming
2.24.14. Mail whitelist
2.24.15. Mail blacklist
2.24.16. Mail backup
2.24.17. Dead.letter file
2.24.18. Setting an avatar in email services
2.24.19. Domain mail on third-party services
2.24.20. CalDAV Calendar Sync
2.25. Logs
2.25.1. List of available logs
2.25.2. Analysis of logs in Apache Log Viewer
2.25.3. Analysis of logs in GoAccess
2.25.4. Analysis of logs with console commands
2.26. Load
2.26.1. Server resource consumption graphs
2.26.2. Web server load
2.26.3. MySQL server load
2.26.4. Site load
2.26.5. Excess consumption of processor minutes
2.26.6. Analysis of the causes of high resource consumption
2.26.7. Standard load reduction methods
2.27. Other
2.27.1. Telegram bot
2.27.2. Deploy with GitHub Actions
2.28. Beginning of work
2.29. Access data for hosting services
2.30. Restricting access to the site
2.31. Outgoing connections
2.32. Caching
2.33. Restoring access rights to files and directories
2.34. Blocking and unblocking bots
2.35. Server status
2.36. Editing hosts
2.37. robots.txt
2.38. Limiting indexing frequency
2.39. Clearing the cache in browsers
2.40. Opening the developer console
2.41. Turn on incognito mode in browsers
2.42. How to take a screenshot
2.43. Sitemap sitemap.xml
2.44. Supervisor

3. Domains

3.1. Domain management
3.1.1. Domain settings (DNS) Add DNS record Changing the DNS record Deleting a DNS Record Setting default DNS records Importing DNS records Address record mismatch notification Saving and restoring DNS records from a file
3.1.2. Name servers (NS) Our NS Current NS Installing our NS Installing third-party NS Subsidiary NS
3.1.3. MX records Our MX record Setting up our MX record Installing third-party MX records Setting our MX record for a subdomain
3.1.4. Domain direction Referral to our hosting for a domain not registered with us Referral of the domain registered with us to third-party hosting Domain directing to VPS or dedicated server Referral subdomain to third party hosting Direct domain to hosting account Directing the subdomain to third-party NS Forwarding Domain to IP with Port or Directory
3.1.5. Types of DNS records A AAAA CNAME MX TXT ALIAS CAA SRV PTR Wildcard entry (*)
3.1.6. Add domain
3.1.7. Domain is already being served
3.1.8. Domain renewal
3.1.9. Domain Access Delegation
3.1.10. Web redirect
3.1.11. Mail redirect
3.1.12. Parking page
3.1.13. Domain presets
3.1.14. SPF, DKIM, DMARC
3.1.15. DNSSEC
3.1.16. TTL
3.1.17. Domain deletion
3.2. Domain registration
3.2.1. Domain order and registration
3.2.2. New orders for domain registration
3.2.3. .RU and .SU domain registration
3.2.4. International domain registration rules
3.2.5. .UA domain registration rules
3.2.6. Registration rules for IDN domains in Ukrainian zones
3.2.7. Premium domains
3.2.8. Domain registration terms
3.2.9. Cancellation due to name error
3.2.10. Free domains
3.2.11. Domain pre-order
3.2.12. Domain registration via Telegram
3.2.13. Mirrored domains
3.3. Domain contacts
3.3.1. Change domain contacts Change of contacts of international domains .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .XYZ, .CLUB, .LIFE, .AUDIO, etc. Change of contacts of Ukrainian domains Change of contacts for .BIZ.UA and .CO.UA domains Change of contacts for .CRIMEA.UA, .YALTA.UA and .SEBASTOPOL.UA domains Change of contacts of domains .УКР Changing contacts of .UA domains
3.3.2. Publishing data to WHOIS
3.4. Domain transfer
3.4.1. Ownership transfer of domain (all zones except .UA, .RU, .SU)
3.4.2. Transfer of authority to manage the .UA domain
3.4.3. Ownership transfer of .RU and .SU domains
3.5. Domain transfer
3.5.1. Domain transfer to us Transfer of international and thematic domains .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .XYZ, .CLUB, .LIFE, .AUDIO, etc. Transfer of domains .UA, .COM.UA, .ORG.UA, IN.UA and a number of regional domains of the 2nd level Transfer of .NET.UA domains and a number of regional domains of the 2nd level Transfer of .CRIMEA.UA, .YALTA.UA and .SEBASTOPOL.UA domains .DP.UA Domain Transfer Transfer of domains .УКР Duration of transfer General questions about transfer and transfer codes (Auth-Code / AuthInfo)
3.5.2. Domain transfer from us Domain transfer to another registrar Obtaining a transfer code (AuthInfo / Auth-Code) Setting a transfer lock Transfer of .RU domain to direct service at REG.RU
3.6. Third party services
3.6.1. Domain Verification in Google Search Console
3.6.2. Domain Verification in Google Sites
3.6.3. Connect domain to Google Sites
3.6.4. Connecting your domain to Blogger
3.6.5. Domain verification and Gmail activation in Google Workspace (G Suite)
3.6.6. Domain Verification in Facebook Business
3.6.7. Setting up a domain for Zoho Mail
3.6.8. Setting up a domain for eSputnik
3.6.9. Setting up a domain for SendPulse
3.6.10. Domain connection to Shopify
3.6.11. Connecting a Domain to Wix
3.6.12. Domain validation in Azure Active Directory
3.6.13. Domain Verification in Bing Webmaster
3.6.14. Domain connection to Cloudflare
3.7. Domain problems
3.7.1. Error "NXDOMAIN"
3.8. Beginning of work
3.9. Domain life cycle
3.10. redemptionPeriod and domain deletion periods
3.11. Domain paid for, but not working
3.12. DNS error
3.13. Flushing the DNS cache
3.14. Installing public DNS Cloudflare / Google
3.15. Domain certificate
3.16. Contacting the domain owner
3.17. Copyright infringement
3.18. WHOIS
3.19. Domain tracking
3.20. Domain sale
3.21. Released domains

4. VPS

4.1. VPS access
4.1.1. Accessing VPS over SSH
4.1.2. VPS access via VNC
4.1.3. Connecting to VPS over SFTP with FileZilla
4.2. Control panels
4.2.1. Vesta Installing Vesta Changing the Vesta interface language Adding a site to Vesta Adding a database to Vesta Connecting a free certificate from Let's Encrypt to Vesta Setting up mail in Vesta Setting up a DNS service in Vesta Setting up backup in Vesta
4.2.2. Hestia
4.2.3. aaPanel
4.2.4. myVesta
4.2.5. Plesk
4.2.6. ISPConfig
4.2.7. Brainy
4.2.9. CyberPanel
4.3. Administration
4.3.1. Website transfer to VPS with Vesta control panel
4.3.2. Checking disk space
4.3.3. Activating an additional IP address
4.3.4. Acceleration and optimization of VPS (general recommendations)
4.3.5. Simple protection against bots (admin panel brute force) using nginx
4.3.6. VPS won't boot after reboot
4.3.7. Removing old kernels on CentOS and Fedora (freeing up space in / boot)
4.3.8. Installing and configuring ProFTPd
4.3.9. Enabling PHP handler for the web server
4.3.10. Disable IPv6 on VPS
4.3.11. Increasing the size of partitions on a VPS
4.3.12. Installing an SSL certificate from Let's encrypt using Certbot
4.3.13. Mounting storage to VPS using CurlFtpFS
4.4. General information about VPS
4.5. VPS order
4.6. VPS test period
4.7. VPS life cycle
4.8. VPS tariff change
4.9. Delegate access to VPS
4.10. Transfer of rights to VPS
4.11. Installing OS and software on VPS
4.12. Reboot VPS
4.13. VPS backups
4.14. VPS IP addresses
4.15. Dedicated IPs for VPS
4.16. PTR records
4.17. Monitoring
4.18. SSL on VPS
4.19. VPN, proxy, tunnels
4.20. Website download from VPS
4.21. Removing a VPS
4.22. Paid administration of VPS and Dedicated
4.23. Disabling VPS at a specific time

5. Dedicated

6. Storages

7. Payment

7.1. Invoices
7.1.1. Forming an invoice
7.1.2. Invoices list
7.1.3. Receiving an invoice in PDF format
7.1.4. Payment by bank card
7.2. Personal balance
7.2.1. Current state of personal balance
7.2.2. Personal balance recharging
7.2.3. Payment from personal balance
7.2.4. Balance transfer between accounts
7.3. Referral program
7.3.1. General information about the referral program
7.3.2. Withdrawing funds from the referral balance
7.4. Electronic document management
7.4.1. Vchasno Registration at Vchasno Receiving documents through Vchasno Signing and sending a document via Vchasno Formation and loading of applications in Vchasno Signing the received document in Vchasno Download / print a document from Vchasno
7.4.2. Paperless Registration in Paperless Signing and sending a document via Paperless Formation and loading of applications in Paperless Signing the received document in Paperless Download / Print Document From Paperless
7.4.3. MEDoc (SOTA)
7.5. Renewal on credit
7.5.1. Renewal of hosting on credit
7.5.2. Temporarily enabling a domain
7.5.3. Renewal of VPS on credit
7.5.4. Renewal of a dedicated server on credit
7.6. Loyalty program
7.6.1. Loyalty program description
7.6.2. Loyalty program current status
7.6.3. Transferring loyalty program status to another account
7.7. Possible problems
7.7.1. The account was replenished, but the services were not paid
7.7.2. Error "Limit is exceeded"
7.7.3. Repeated debiting when returning to a monobank card
7.7.4. Error in the purpose of payment
7.8. Payment Methods
7.9. Terms of receipt of payment
7.10. Currency
7.11. Receipts
7.12. Obtaining a contract
7.13. Auto-renewal of services
7.14. Payment via terminals EasyPay
7.15. Payment from legal entities and sole proprietorship
7.16. Payment for services in cash or from a card of an individual (for legal entities)
7.17. Payment for services from a third party
7.18. Payment from companies that close
7.19. Search for payments
7.20. Erroneous payments
7.21. Refund letter (for sole proprietorship and legal entities)
7.22. Accountant's mail (for receiving documents)
7.23. Obtaining accounting documents (for sole proprietorship and legal entities)
7.24. Discounts
7.25. Budgetary organizations
7.26. Bill payment via Privat24 application
7.27. Anonymous payment
7.28. Bank cards
7.29. Change of company name (for legal entities)
7.30. Renewal of services

8. Technical support

9. Legal issues

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