8.5.3. Renewal of VPS on credit

Technical support does not have the ability to additionally renew the VPS.

Credit renewal adds an additional 5 days to the VPS validity period. These days will be deducted from the validity period on the next payment VPS. There will be no additional costs involved.

Important points:

  • Credit renewal is only available for accounts that paid for this VPS.
  • Credit renewal button:
    • It becomes available no earlier than 5 days before the server expires.
    • Becomes unavailable 5 days after the server expires.
  • You can use a credit extension only once. The possibility of reuse will appear only after the next payment.
  1. Click the loan extension button:
    • Or in the section "VPS":
    • Or in the section "Payment":
  2. Confirm the operation:
  3. Wait approximately 15-30 minutes for the VPS to activate.