8.5.4. Renewal of a dedicated server on credit

Technical support does not have the ability to additionally renew dedicated servers.

Credit renewal adds an additional 5 days to the duration of the dedicated server. These days will be deducted from the validity period upon subsequent payment for the dedicated server. There will be no additional costs involved.

Important points:

  • Credit renewals are not available for accounts that have not previously paid for this dedicated server.
  • Credit renewal button:
    • It becomes available no earlier than 5 days before the server expires.
    • Becomes unavailable 5 days after the server expires.
  • You can use a credit extension only once. Reusability will only be available after completing the next payment.
  • Renewal on credit does not push back the server deletion date. The server without payment is deleted 10 days after the expiration of the paid period, regardless of whether it was extended on credit or not.
  1. Click the loan extension button:
  2. Confirm the operation with the corresponding button in the window that appears.
  3. Wait for the activation of the dedicated server.