8.8. Payment Methods


  • The nuances of using cards linked to the current accounts of sole proprietors or legal entities:
    • Payments through the LiqPay payment system are not accepted — there will be limit exceeding error.
    • Payments through other payment systems are accepted, but such payments are not available accounting documents.
  • Error "Card is blocked for payment" means that we will not accept funds from this card. To pay for services, you must use another card.

The available payment methods depend on account type. Payment must be made directly by the owner of the service. Information regarding payment for services from a third party (not the owner of the service) is presented here.

The following payment methods are available to individuals:

For FOP the following payment methods are available:

The following payment methods are available to Ukrainian legal entities:

Foreign legal entities can issue invoices in foreign currency and make payments in the following ways:

  • Via SWIFT.
  • From Visa / MasterCard.
  • PayPal
  • Qiwi
  • WebMoney
  • Cryptocurrencies