8.29. Change of company name (for legal entities)

The data of the legal entity in the account on our website is automatically filled in from the state register after the first payment and then is also automatically updated daily based on the EDRPOU.

If the name of the company has changed according to the documents, but the old one is indicated in the account and you need issue invoice to pay for services with a new name, it all depends on whether the company has changed its EDRPOU code:

If EDRPOU code remains the same, then enough:
  • Or wait for the next automatic data update (the update is performed once a day).
  • Or call us during business hours at callcenter or contact online chatto have the accounting staff check the data and change the company name on the account. After that it will be possible to create an invoice with a new name in the usual way.
If EDRPOU code changed, then legally this means that a completely different legal entity is operating under the new name. Therefore, in this situation you need:
  1. Register a new account in the name of the new company.
  2. Transfer rights to it for the services you need.

After that, the services will belong to the new company and their renewal will be performed through its account. When transferring rights, the content, settings and payment terms are not affected, only the owner changes.

Also possible transferring loyalty program status to another account.