9.2. Online chat

  1. Click the open chat button 💬 in the lower right corner on any of the pages of our site ukraine.com.ua:
  2. Log in or enter your details (if you are already logged in, this step will be skipped):
    Click «Login» and signin to your account:


    Only general information can be provided to unauthorized users. We recommend that you always contact the chat with authorization in your account. The exception is questions about authorization problems or not related to specific services. In a chat opened without authorization, it remains possible to log in without closing it.
    1. Click «Continue»:
    2. Enter your name, email and click «Start chat»:
  3. Select the type of appeal, service, send your message and expect a response:
We strongly recommend in the very first message to state the question that interests you in as much detail as possible, for example:
  • If we are talking about a site or domain - indicate its name and the essence of the question.
  • If we are talking about an error, give its text and describe where and under what actions it occurs. If possible, attach the required screenshots.

Providing complete information at the beginning of the dialogue significantly reduces the time for consideration of the request.

To quickly create and send screenshots, use the button in the chat window:

After pressing, a selection window appears:

Chromium browsers include: Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi and others.

Select what exactly you want to send (a screenshot of the entire screen, a separate window or a browser tab), click «Sharethis» and wait a few seconds (the screenshot is taken with a slight delay):

Select what exactly you want to send (screenshot of the entire screen or a separate window) and click «Allow»:

To paste images from the clipboard, use the combination Ctrl+V. You can copy the screen image to the clipboard by pressing Print Screen (PrtScr, PrtSc or Print Scrn).

You can send any image as a regular file using the paperclip button in the chat. You can take a screenshot and save it as a file in any of the ways described here.

In the presence of tied Telegram account button available «Continue on Telegram». With its help, you can continue the chat started on the website in the Telegram messenger.

After completing the dialogue and evaluating the appeal, the text of the correspondence can be sent to the mail:

Correspondence is sent:

  • If you applied as authorized user - on account mail, in which the authorization was.
  • If you applied without authorization - to the mail that was specified when opening the chat.